About Us

Microsoft Today (MSFT) is a technology blog that provides useful tips & tutorials about Microsoft software such as Windows, Xbox, Outlook … for end users.

MSFT is created by Srinidhi Kakani, a Microsoft enterprise expert that possesses innate knowledge of countless products, services and initiatives of Microsoft. Also, if you have an interest in technology, automation, business, education, … and wish to set yourself up for future success, MSFT Today is the podcast for you.

What To Read On MSFT

MSFT addresses all sorts of issues but in general, you could read around five types of articles on our site.


As the name suggests, Insider articles talk about troubles that members of the Windows Insider Program experience. You want to learn more about problems that plague Insider-only versions of Windows? In that case, you should spend some time reading articles in the Insider section.


Once it comes to software for office work, Microsoft Office suite is second to none by all accounts. That being said, not everyone could master the features of Office applications at a glance. In addition, it’s not uncommon for Windows users to come across errors while using Office apps. To be able to get the most out of the Office suite on your Windows PC, you should check out articles of the MSOffice section.


As a webmail service, Outlook plays a key role in communication between Windows users around the globe. In the case that you like to take advantage of Outlook in day-to-day operations, it won’t hurt to read Outlook articles on MSFT.


Despite its popularity as an operating system, Windows still causes its users a lot of headaches every now and then. You have a hard time turning on and off features of Windows? Unable to access utilities of Windows out of the blue and don’t know what must be done? Then it’s strongly recommended that you search for guidance in articles of the Windows section.


All in all, there is no shortage of gaming options on Windows but quite a few people favor the Xbox app. By taking advantage of Xbox, Windows users could play multiple titles on their PC, capture memorable moments, coordinate strategies in online matches, etc. However, while Xbox performs well in most of the cases, it remains far from perfect. If Xbox acts up on your PC, articles in the Xbox section of MSFT may be able to help you out.

Future Plans Of MSFT

Presently, our team at Microsoft Today is still small so there is a limit in the number of topics we could publish. Nonetheless, in the future, we plan to hire more writers to analyze more subjects and diversify the content. Besides that, while the current targeted audience of MSFT is those that live in English-speaking countries, Mrs. Kakani hopes to add more languages to the site soon. Last but not least, if we manage to overcome several organizational challenges, there is a chance that MSFT would open an online technical assistance section.