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Nowadays, many users are receiving an “Additional Authentication Needed Xbox One” error message whenever they are trying to access a gaming console. Most of us believe that it is a network error which is a poor internet connection. However, there can be more reasons as well. Thus, we have shared this article and rounded up the best solutions to resolve this problem. So, read on and find the best fix for it. 

What Is The Effect Of Additional Authentication Needed Xbox One Error On Users?

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Suppose you are in the mood to finally play the console after a hectic schedule, and it causes an error. Naturally, you feel irritated and look for the solutions that instantly solve it, and you can get back on the game. Many users have already tried router settings and internet errors. But still, the problem is not fixed. Therefore, to come up with a 100% sure fix, we have investigated the several causes that can create an issue and also found the solutions that encounter the threat. So, let’s dive a little deeper and know the fixes. 

What Are The Causes Of Additional Authentication Needed Xbox One Error Message?

The most common reason for having an issue is a problem with the network due to poor internet connection. If the problem is not solved even after having a good connection, then you should try to clear the current stored alternate MAC address on the console. The physical address or the dedicated market address on the console can be the issue. 

Besides this, you can encounter issues in the router, local inconsistencies, and or having tempted data on Xbox. Now, let us discuss how you can fix this problem. 

How to Fix Additional Authentication Needed Xbox One Error?

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While finding all the causes, we checked the fast and easy solutions that could fix the problem without working so hard. So, find the following methods. 

Method 1- Clear The Alternative MAC Address

It is Microsoft’s suggested method that we suggest you perform first before working on the other solutions. This method was confirmed and did not cause potential harm to your device. Moreover, this solution has the ability to grant the console users to work on MAC addresses on their alternatives. 

Remember, this facility will work for hotels, limited networks, or for the home network. If you find this is your issue too, then clear the alternate MAC address ad to confirm this operation to fix the problems. 

Here’s how you can do this. 

  • Step 1– Start the Xbox menu and go to settings. 
  • Step 2- Once you find the settings option, move to the Network tab, which is from the vertical menu. Next, access the network settings submenu that appears on the right-hand side of the pane. 
  • Step 3– When you are involved in the network tab, jump on access the advanced settings menu. Then access the alternative MAC address submenu.
  • Step 4- Now, choose Alternative Wired MAC or Alternate Wireless MAC and click on the clear option. 
  • Step 5– Confirm the option and reset the alternate MAC address.  
  • Step 6– Once done, restart your PC and see the error is resolved. 

If you see the risk is still there so you might encounter the other issue. See Next method. 

Method 2- Use The PC Physical Address 

If you are unable to fix the issue with an alternate MAC address, then you will need to choose the PC’s physical address to fix the issue. Here’s how you can do this. 

  • Step 1- First, ensure your PC is connected with the same network as Xbox is connected. 
  • Step 2- When you find the same connection on both, then press the Windows + R key together and run the dialog box will appear. Type the CMD and press ctrl + shift enter to open the elevated CMD. 
  • Step 3– On the User account, you must grant admin access to the CMD window. 
  • Step 4– Next, type the given CMD command and press enter. 


  • Step 5– When you see results appear on the screen, navigate the network, which is shared by both PC and Xbox consoles. Copy that address and use it as the MAC address on the console. 
  • Step 6- Go to the console and press Xbox on the controller or choose from the menu. Then choose settings. 
  • Step 7- Navigate the network, then network settings and click on manual under alternate wireless MAC address.
  • Step 8- Now paste the physical address that you copied previously. 
  • Step 9- Save the configurations and reboot your system to avoid flaws. 

Now, your error will be solved. In case not, then try the next method.

Method 3- Unblock The Xbox From Router Settings 

Note- The given steps are recommended on the general router. However, the router settings will be performed according to your router type. 

  • Step 1- Launch a web browser and type the IP address of the router, and press enter. 
  • Step 2– This will land you on the login menu, so enter the details and sign in. 
  • Step 3– Locate the router’s settings and look for access control. 
  • Step 4– Once you find access control, disable it.  
  • Step 5- Once the changes are saved, exit from the web browser. 
  • Step 6– Restart your system and see the error is fixed. 

Method 4- Check Test Connection

If your machine is interrupting, then you can fix it by running a test connection. Here’s how you can do this.

  • Step 1- When the Xbox is turned on, locate the guide menu on the console and check the settings option. 
  • Step 2- Here, in settings, access the network tab. 
  • Step 3- Next, move to troubleshoot settings and choose the test connection menu.
  • Step 4– Wait for the troubleshooting to start and then hold down the Xbox power button until it does not shut down. 
  • Step 5- Turn on the console and wait for the scan to complete. Now connect the console to the home network, and your error “Additional Authentication Needed Xbox One” is fixed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1\ What does Additional Authentication Needed Xbox One error mean?

This error message pop-ups if there is a problem in a router or it is blocked.  

2\ How to authenticate my internet?

Windows button >> properties >> check your domain >> enter domain name >> ok.

Tips And Tricks

  • Run power cycling procedure
  • Contact ISP provider

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