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Bluefish Editor on Windows Server 2016

Bluefish Editor on Windows Server 2016: Apps4Rent helps you deploy Bluefish Editor on Azure. Bluefish, a free software editor with advanced tools for building dynamic websites, is targeted as a middle path between simple editors and fully integrated development environments.

BOSH Stemcell for Windows Server 2019

BOSH Stemcell for Windows Server 2019: This offer from Pivotal Software provides Windows Server 2019-based Stemcell for the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform.

Corda Opensource VM

Corda Opensource VM: R3’s Corda is an open-source blockchain platform that removes costly friction in business transactions by enabling institutions to transact directly using smart contracts and ensures privacy and security.

Datastax Distribution of Apache Cassandra

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra: DataStax offers a simple, cost-effective way to run the Apache Cassandra database in the cloud. DDAC addresses common challenges with adoption, maintenance, and support by streamlining operations and controlling costs.

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise: DataStax delivers the always-on, active-everywhere, distributed hybrid cloud NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) makes it easy for enterprises to exploit hybrid and multi-cloud environments via a seamless data layer.

FatPipe WAN Optimization for Azure

FatPipe WAN Optimization for Azure: Significantly boost wide area network performance with FatPipe WAN optimization, which appreciably increases utilization, providing effective use of bandwidth by caching/compressing that sharply reduces redundant data.

Flexbby One RU Edition

Flexbby One RU Edition: Get a comprehensive solution for complex workflow automation in sales, marketing, service, HR, and legal. Flexbby One is powerful software to help you manage the contract lifecycle, document archiving, procurement, customer service, and more.

Flowmon Collector for Azure

Flowmon Collector for Azure: Flowmon Collector serves for collection, storage, and analysis of flow data (NetFlow, IPFIX). Flowmon is a comprehensive platform that includes everything you need to get absolute control over your network through network visibility.

Innofactor QualityFirst

Innofactor QualityFirst: Get QualityFirst by Innofactor for healthcare, patient, and care instructions.

Keycloak Gatekeeper Container Image

Keycloak Gatekeeper Container Image: Keycloak Gatekeeper is an adapter that integrates with Keycloak authentication supporting access tokens in browser cookie or bearer tokens. This Bitnami Container Image is secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices.


MIKE Zero: This MIKE modeling suite from DHI A/S helps engineers and scientists who want to model water environments, and includes most of MIKE Powered by DHI’s inland and marine software.

System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) 6.3

System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) 6.3: SIMP is an open-source framework that can either enhance your existing infrastructure or allow you to quickly build one from scratch. Built on the Puppet product suite, SIMP is designed around scalability, flexibility, and compliance.

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