SOLVED! Disable IPv6 Xbox One

Nowadays, IPv6 Xbox is trending with a claim that IPv6 is better than IPv4. It is true IPv6 is the future but not everything is ready for IPv6. With lots of VPN services and the software not supporting IPv6, it’s sometimes necessary to disable IPv6. One of the devices that do not always work with IPv6 is the latest gaming console from Microsoft, Xbox One. If you are wondering how to disable IPv6 Xbox One then this article can help you. Read on!

What If Users Disable IPv6 Xbox One? 

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Perhaps you know that every internet has a unique numeric address called an IP (internet protocol) address. Currently, most IP addresses use the older 32-bit IPv4, but it is running out fast. Thus, the solution for simply this is IPv6, which uses 128-bit and makes up to a billion addresses. 

The IPv6 service depends on your ISP. If you’re unsure, you have IPv6 or not, consult with your local Internet service provider. Besides that, if people Disable IPv6 Xbox One, it might seem some functions will not work. Also, some prefer to turn it off to play several Xbox games. 

When Should I Disable IPv6 Xbox One?

While researching on users, it seems that certain shows and games don’t work if IPv6 is enabled. In the latest Microsoft updates, Microsoft added support for IPv6, but it won’t work. So, as long as you activate the IPv6, you may receive DNS. Also, it seems that disabling IPv6 Xbox is a good move as it is causing some issues to Xbox. Another reason for disabling IPv6 is that many VPN apps do not operate as well as IPv4 connections. Thus, if you want to disable IPv6, then read this easy guide and enjoy your Xbox gaming again.

How Could I Disable IPv6 On Xbox One?

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Unfortunately, you can’t disable the IPv6 Xbox One as it is often controlled by your router, not Xbox One. However, you can manually set the DNS and IP on Xbox One to point to the router.


It is true IPv6 is much better than IPv4 as it does not use NAT. But it has been causing issues to Xbox One. If you wish to disable it, we recommend you consult with your internet service provider or check the router’s advanced settings via a computer running Windows 10 to disable it.

  • Step 1– Right-click the Network/Wi-Fi connection and you will see a pop-up menu.
  • Step 2- Choose network and sharing center and you will jump to the settings dialog.
  • Step 3– Choose change adapter options and you will see the adaptors.
  • Step 4– Find the currently active adaptor (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
  • Step 5– Right-click on the active internet adapter and choose properties.
  • Step 6- Scroll down the windows and locate the IPV (TCP/IPv6)
  • Step 7– Uncheck the box click on the ok button and save the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How could I disable IPv6 on MacOS?

  • Step 1: Open the system preferences.
  • Step 2: Tap on Network
  • Step 3: Choose your internet to connect, then advanced. 
  • Step 4: Choose TCP/IP tab, then configure IPv6.
  • Step 5: Click on-off and press the ok button. 

 How could I disable IPv6 on iOS?

 On Apple, you can’t disable IPv6. All you can do is open the VPN connect app and check the router connections. Then choose settings and select IPv6, then IPv4 only tunnel.

 How could I disable IPv6 on Android?

Disabling IPv6 is not possible on android for the Wi-Fi connections without routing the system. You can disable it with data connections; see how.

  • Step 1: Launch the phone settings, then connections
  • Step 2: Next, choose mobile networks and access points names. 
  • Step 3: Choose your mobile operator and scroll down the APN protocol. 
  • Step 4: Choose APN protocol then IPv4.

Does Xbox need IPv6? 

Well, Xbox usually works without IPv6, but for the best user experience, I recommended enabling the IPv6 on your Network. 

Which is better, IPv4 or IPv6?

IPv6 offers greater speed than IPv4 since IPv6 can make billions of IP addresses and does not require extra configuration. Moreover, IPv6 provides massive benefits to the user in terms of gaming, speedy internet, and various features. 

How could I check if IPv6 is enabled?

Right-click on Ethernet >> Wi-Fi >> check status >> details. 

If you see IPv6 within the marked red box, it means IPv6 is enabled.

Is it possible to stop Disable IPv6 from Tunneling Over IPv4 on Windows

If you want to disable tunneling IPv6 over IPv4 on your Windows computer, you will need to use the registry key. However, it is common for IT administrators to disable the IPv6 to resolve troubleshooting networking-related issues. 

Well, IPv6 is an important part of windows vista and windows servers. And Microsoft does not recommend users disable it as one can lose important components. We recommend using both but prefer IPv4 over IPv6. 

Note- Perform each step carefully as it can avoid losses. 

  •  Step 1- Modify the registry key as follows:


  • Step 2- Enter Details

 Name- disabled components


Min Value- 0X00 (default value)

Max Value- (IPv6 disabled)

  •  Step 3- Enter one from the following components
0Enable all IPv6 components
0xfffffffDisable all IPv6 components, except IPv6 look interface
0x20Allows windows use IPv4 instead of IPv6
0x10Disable IPv6 native interfaces
0x01Disable IPv6 tunnels interfaces
0x11Disable all IPv6 interfaces instead IPv6 look interfaces
  • Step 4- Once done, restart your PC to see the changes.

 Remember adding value more than 0 or 32 can cause routing access to fail. If it seems difficult to you so, asking for expert help can save you from losses.

 However, you can modify the registry key as follows:

  •  Step 1– launch the administrative command prompt window 
  • Step 2- Run the given command 


 Note- Here replace the value with the corresponding value. 

  •  Step 3– Restart your PC and see the changes. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Ask the internet service provider to disable IPv6
  • Keep backup of your files and data before disabling IPv6

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