SOLVED! Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One

Is Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One error irritating you? Not only you, but many users are also reporting this error and looking for an immediate fix. Fallout is one of the best games, which is rich in awesome features and offers a next-gen gaming experience. This has been a problem for a long time now. The developers are even unable to address the exact issue and fix it. Fortunately, we have come up with some fixes that helped many users to fix the error. 

What Impact If Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One Error On Users? 

How to Fix Fallout 4 DLCs Problems on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One error has been reported for a long time. Therefore, users are tired of trying various solutions to fix it. Unfortunately, nothing worked for them. Hence they feel annoyed and ask developers to find the real results. With a little research and knowing technical faults, we have rounded up the best methods that fix issues for users. So, let us dive and fix the error immediately.

What Are The Causes Of Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One? 

While checking Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One error, we have found several causes that you should fix to get back on your game. Some users reported this error because of the lack of space in hard drives while others outdated drivers. Besides, some have reported this issue due to the installation of mods, outdated games, antivirus, and more. Go through this entire post since we have mentioned the causes as well as solutions to fix it. 

How To Fix Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One Error?

How to Fix Fallout 4 DLCs Problems on PS4, Xbox One and PC

With the above-mentioned reasons, we are able to find some fixes. And the best is you do not need to be tech-savvy. Follow the step-by-step guide and resolve the issues. 

Method 1- Uninstall The Mods

Mods are the first thing you should check. If they are installed, then uninstall it as it causes an issue in starting the game. The same problem was recorded in XCOM 2, so you have to lose mods to get back on the game.  

Here’s how you can do this.

  • Step 1- Open the folder where you have stored the local files. 
  • Step 2- Go to options and then click on save folder and exit the game. 
  • Step 3– The file manager will open the file details on the map.
  • Step 4- Navigate the mod’s map, and it contains all the mods you have subscribed for in the past. This will list all the details of active and deactivated mods. 
  • Step 5- When you check this folder, you will see all kinds of subfolders in numbers.
  • Step 6- Locate the manifest.txt file and delete it if you want to delete mods. 
  • Step 7- You can also create a backup of mods in another folder to avoid any complications in the future.

With these steps, you will be able to use the game hassle-free. However, if it’s not possible, then move to the next method. 

Method 2- Update The Hardware drivers

If your hardware is expired or outdated, you won’t run games smoothly on that. If that is your case, updating drivers can help you fix the issue. If you want to run the game on high FPS, then the wise move is to update drivers. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Step 1– Start the search box, enter the device manager, and launch it. 
  • Step 2– Choose the category you would like to update. 
  • Step 3– If you are unable to find it, then search automatically and update the drivers themselves.  
  • Step 4– Choose an updated driver, and the process will take several minutes. 
  • Step 5– Once done, restart your system and see the error is resolved. 

Method 3- Reduce Graphics Settings 

When you have evaluated the drivers, and the issue is still there, then you need to go into detail. So, for this case, you will need to reduce graphic settings, so jump on settings and fix the issue. This is not hard and does not require an expert to do this. Follow the given steps and start the game.

  • Step 1- Launch the fallout game, jump on its settings and choose the graphic adapter and resolution option.  
  • Step 2- Next select low under detail, and it will change the whole settings, including quality, field, good rays, and more. 
  • Step 3- Forget the view distance tab; it won’t have a slight impact on crashing. 
  • Step 4- Choose native resolution and go to FXAA in antialiasing. 
  • Step 5- Start the game to see if it works.
  • Step 6– If the issue won’t be resolved, then go back and uncheck all settings.

Method 4- Close Other Software (Especially Discord)

If you’re getting trouble in launching Fallout, then there must be an issue if Discord is running behind the program. Software like OS streaming and Forza horizon 4 can also cause an issue. With that said, you will need to close all programs running on the system. 

Here’s how you can do this.

  • Step 1– Launch run command by pressing Windows + R 
  • Step 2– Enter msconfig and open it.
  • Step 3- Navigate the services tab and uncheck the hide all Microsoft services. This will hide all programs.
  • Step 4- Next, uncheck all the third-party services prevailing on the system.
  • Step 5- Tap on the apply now button and save the changes.
  • Step 6– Disable all the applications with HSIP (high Startup impact priority).

Method 5- Uninstall And Reinstall The Game

If Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One still persists, then reinstalling the game can help you fix the issue. 

  • Step 1- Run the command and search the %temp%
  • Step 2- Press Ctrl + A keyboard and select all files, then right-click and delete. 
  • Step 3- Next, clean the recycle bin.
  • Step 4– Restart your system and install the game again. 
  • Step 5- Now, the error is resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1\ What does Fallout 4 Crashing Xbox One Mean?

It is the kind of bug that interrupts your system to start the game.

2\ Why Fallout 4 Is Crashing On Xbox One?

Improper settings and installation can be the issue.

Tips And Tricks

  • Turn off Antivirus protection
  • Update the drivers and OS
  • Remove excess space on the hard drive

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