SOLVED! Fallout 76 No Region Ping

Are you getting a “Fallout 76 No Region Ping” error while playing Fallout 76? If so, you have landed on the right page, as we will discuss the permanent fixes that easily solve your error. An Error has recently arrived, and lots of players are making their own efforts to resolve it. However, some have claimed that they should wait for Bethesda to fix it. But here, we have come up with a few solutions that might boost your game spirit. So, read on. 

What Impact On Users If Fallout 76 No Region Ping Error Arrives In-game?

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It’s completely annoying when you are about to play the game with excitement, and you come across Fallout 76 No Region Ping error. Well, restarting your device and updating the game are a few options that might resolve the error. But still, if you’re facing an error, then you must read this post and know the solutions. Please note before performing the given methods or trying yours ensure you have a backup of files. This would keep you safe and avoid any faults. 

What Are The Causes of Fallout 76 No Region Ping Error?

Fallout 76 No Region Ping error arrived in Xbox game pass to play the game on PC. But several users are reporting the error because of the poor size of the file. Thus, shifting it on the OS drive will work like a pro. The file can be added automatically to the secondary folder when downloaded. So move that game and reload the PC. Another reason might be firewall issues, pending updates, and BAT files. Let us find the fixes and enjoy the game again. 

How To Fix Fallout 76 No Region Ping Error?

▷ Fallout 76: How to Fix NoRegionPing Error

With the proper investigation, we are able to find some fixes that can resolve the error in no time. However, before performing methods, make sure you are following each step carefully. 

Method 1- Move Fallout76.ini To \Documents\MyGames\Fallout 76.”

Go to the Fallout76 game folder, locate Fallout76.ini and move it to \Documents\MyGames\Fallout 76. Afterward, change the file to read-only, launch the game and see how things turn out. Following the move of Fallout76.ini, the no region ping error will no longer bother you. However, you may have to move the file every time you like to play Fallout76. 

For ease of convenience, you should use a batch file (.BAT). It is a text file that includes more than one command file and runs as a sequence to perform various actions with CMD. However, you can enter commands manually to execute the function for the specific task. Plus, it is good to work, save time, and avoid mistakes.  

Know a little about commands? Then it’s suggested that you try creating a link in Windows: Launch the PowerShell Prompt as an Administrator. Next type the following cmd /c mklink “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76\Project76.ini” “X:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\Fallout 76\Project76.ini”. X is the name of the drive that contains Fallout76. 

Method 2- Unlock The Firewall Settings

If the issue is not fixed, then checking firewall settings can help you fix the issue. Ensure the DNS is not blocked; if it is so following steps can help you fix the issue. However, if the issue is not fixed, then you will need to wait for Bethesda to solve the issue. 

Here’s how you can unlock the firewall settings:

  • Step 1- Secure the firewall by updating it to the latest firmware. 

         Delete or disable the default user accounts and change all passwords.

         Create a new administrative firewall account with limited privileges.

         Disable SNMP or configure it to use a secure community string.

  • Step 2- Build your firewall zones and IP address 
  • Step 3- Configure access control lists
  • Step 4- Configure your firewall services and logging
  • Step 5- Test the firewall settings 

Method 3- Move The Game To SSD

If the solutions mentioned above did not work for you, moving Fallout 76 to SSD can help you to fix it. You will need a small EaseUS PC transfer software tool to move all games HDD to SSD. Here’s how you can do this.

  • Step 1- Start the EaseUS Todo PCTrans 
  • Step 2- Now select the game you want to move to, say fallout 76. 
  • Step 3- Next, start the transfer process. This will transfer files from one hard drive to SSD. 
  • Step 4- Wait for the process until it is not completed.
  • Step 5- When done, restart your PC and see the desired output.

With this, you will indeed see good results. However, if there is an error, you will need to wait for Bethesda to remove the error, or you can try basic solutions such as updating and reinstalling the game.

Method 4- Update Or Reinstall Fallout 76 

Bethesda published the full roadmap on updates. However, if you want to update, then follow the given steps.

  • Step 1- Open the games app or Microsoft gaming app
  • Step 2- Find the Fallout 76 updates; if they are pending, so update them. 
  • Step 3– Wait for a few seconds to complete the updates.
  • Step 4– When completed, restart your PC, and that’s all.

We hope you have fixed the Fallout 76 No Region Ping error.

Frequently Asked Questions

1\ What does Fallout 76 No Region Ping mean?

It is an Xbox game error that recently arrived in the game due to a server error. 

2\ Does moving game HDD to SSD safe?

It depends on how you’re performing it. This is often performed to boost up the hard drive and PC to work faster.

Tips And Tricks

  • Update your Xbox 
  • Reload your Fallout 76 game

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