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3️⃣… 2️⃣….1️⃣Go! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Field Days are fun days at school that students and families look forward to. The activities, bonding moments, smiles, and laughs surrounding the school creates memories and stories to last a lifetime! This school year I’ve been so inspired by #Fliphunt coined by Kathi Kersnowski and seeing all the fun and innovative #Fliphunts that teachers are creating to engage their students in learning. So, I put a new spin on this special day by incorporating Flipgrid to ignite excitement, capture memories, and reflect on highlights during Field Days! Simply create a new Field Day Grid and use these tips and ready made topics to get started!

⚡️🗣✨Ignite Excitement
Planning is a key element to a successful field day!
📍Tip 1: Setting Up the Grid
Create a topic for each event that will be held during your field day. Invite family and community volunteers who will assist for field day to introduce themselves in the Field Day Volunteer Introduction Topic. ** Remember you can always include a doc with your #Fliphunt activities or rules as a Topic Attachment.

📍Tip 2: Amplify Student Ideas
Use the Field Day: The People’s Choice Topic for students to submit their own creative games to play during Field Day! Let the students vote on their favorite student games to be added to your Field Day fun.

📍Tip 3: Discuss Citizenship
Use the Be a Sport topic to teach and discuss sportsmanship prior to Field Day.

🎥📸🤳Capture Memories
Field Day activities allow for students to have fun and excel individually and collectively as a team or class. Having a mobile “Flipgrid Station” with volunteers recording the fun at each station will provide students the opportunities to showcase their day with families and friends. Here are a couple field day activities with ready made #DiscoLibrary Topics including a Field Day #Fliphunt Topic for added fun!
🏀⏱⛹️‍♀️Minute to Win It Free Throws: Individually or with a team try to get the most free throws in 1 minute.

🎶🎈⏯Don’t Stop the Music – Water Balloon Toss: While playing fun music record how many times the class can go back and forth tossing the water balloon. Once a balloon breaks, the music stops.

🦸‍♀️⭕️🦸‍♂️Super Hero Hula: Create an obstacle course with hula hoops and pool noodles for students to balance, run, and jump from hoop to hoop to save a school mascot and bring it back home safely to base.

🌊⛱🎳Beach Ball Bowling: Get out the blow up beach balls, bottles or bowling pins, and yoga mats lining them with pool noodles to create your own bowling lanes! The team with the most pins win.

🏃‍♀️🗞🏃‍♂️”Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” Relay: Print fun messages on paper and roll them up like a newspaper to use as a baton for your relay. As students hand off their baton the next participant should read the fun message aloud before running.

😀🏆🥇Awards Ceremony: Everyone’s a winner at Field Day! Capture your awards on the Topic including quick acceptance speeches from students. This can be done on the field or with the teacher in the classroom.

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