SOLVED! How To Fix “Word Can’t Print Due To a Problem With The Printer Setup” Error Message?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a working professional, a student, or a freelancer. Microsoft Word has always been everyones first preference to write stuff. With about 60 million Office 365 commercial customers. Microsoft claims that its Office products and services are used by 1.2 billion people throughout the world.

Even after all of this, Microsoft Word also has some imperfections, which we commonly know as bugs or errors. One of these errors which the word users often face is the “Word Can’t Print Due To a Problem With The Printer Setup” error.

What is the “Word Can’t Print Due To a Problem With The Printer Setup” Error?

You were working with Microsoft Word on Windows 10, you haven’t changed any settings, but after an update can no longer print from Microsoft Word and you get this message “Word Can’t Print Due To a Problem With The Printer Setup”.

Why Am I Getting This Error? How To Fix it?

There is a problem with your printer’s driver, or it might be an application-specific issue. However, in both scenarios, you could try these troubleshooting tips to fix this issue.

Basic Troubleshooting:

Ensure that Microsoft Office is up-to-date: Sometimes your Microsoft Office being out of date can cause this issue. To fix this, you simply need to repair the MS Office and this should fix this issue. Try this link to get started with repairing your MS Office.

Try printing with a variety of printer drivers: If Microsoft Word is the sole software on your computer that won’t print, you should know that it’s a printer-intensive program. As a result, a minor issue with the printer driver usually impacts Word first, before it affects other programs.


You may test alternative printer drivers to see whether the printer driver is the source of the issue. If the Word printing problem only occurs when you print documents using a certain font or graphical image, consider printing to a different printer.

If no alternative printers are available, contact the manufacturer to see if an updated driver or a different driver for your printer model is available.

However, if the Word printing issue persists even when printing text-only documents, you can try printing from Word with a generic text-only printer driver. To do so, follow the procedures below for your Windows version. If the issue still persists, then it’s time to move to Advanced Troubleshooting.

Windows Printer

Advanced Troubleshooting:

In this section, we will be diving more deeply into this issue and how you can solve it by using the methods given below.

Method 1: Examine Microsoft Word Program Files and Options

The first thing you need to ensure is that the program files of your Microsoft Word are in optimal condition, and to do that you will need to test the Word program by resetting the user options to ensure that the printing problem is not isolated to a specific document or printer driver.

For more information on how to reset the user options, you can refer to Microsoft’s guide on how to reset user options and registry settings in Word.

Method 2: Run Detect and Repair

When any software doesn’t work as it is intended to sometimes it is best to just reset it and in our scenario to reset Microsoft Word we will be using the Detect and Repair utility to undergo this operation.

Follow these instructions to restore the application files that are missing or damaged, follow the procedures below for your version of Word to run Detect and Repair.

Word 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010:
  • Step 1: Exit all Office programs.
  • Step 2: Select Start, and then type add remove.
  • Step 3: Open the Add or Remove Programs item.
  • Step 4: Select Change or Remove Programs, select Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office Word) or the version of Office or Word that you have in the Currently installed programs list, and then select Change or Modify.
  • Step 5: Select Repair or Repair Word (Repair Office), and then select Continue or Next.
Word 2007:
  • Step 1: Start Word 2007.
  • Step 2: Choose the Microsoft Office Button, and then pick Word Options.
  • Step 3: Choose Resources, choose Diagnose, and then follow the prompts on the screen.

If the issue still persists, then it’s time to advance to another method.

Method 3: Try testing for problems in Windows

Sometimes, some memory-resident programs or device drivers programs interfere with the Word print function and to solve this you first need to start your Windows in safe mode and then test printing a file in Word.

To start your Windows in safe mode, follow these simple steps for your version of Windows.

Windows 10, Windows 11:

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 simply follow this link to start your PC in safe mode.

Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista:
  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to remove any CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, or other external media from your computer.
  • Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to restart your pc, and to do so by first selecting start then selecting the arrow next to the Lock button, and then select Restart.
  • Step 3: Select and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts.
  • Step 4: On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode option, and then press Enter.
  • Step 5: Sign in to your computer by using a user account that has administrative credentials.

If the Word printing problem does not appear when you start Windows in safe mode, try using clean-boot troubleshooting to figure out what’s causing it. Refer to this webpage for more info about how to perform a clean restart in Windows.

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