SOLVED! Mabinogi “Server Cannot Be Reached”

Mabinogi is a decade-old MMORPG so its players have a lot of experience once it comes to errors. That being said, some errors still give Mabinogi players a hard time, and “server cannot be reached” is one of them. The same error is keeping you from logging in and you have no idea what to do? Take a look at this article if you like to learn everything about Mabinogi “server cannot be reached” error.

A List Of Possibilities 


A lot of things could lead to connection issues such as too many people using the same network.  Also, some networks, such as school networks, tend to block activities like streaming, gaming, etc. Regardless, if your connection to the Internet is not up to specs, Mabinogi “server cannot be reached” error is one of the consequences. 


Like their contemporaries, Mabinogi servers undergo maintenance once in a while. The maintenance allows developers to improve the experience of players, boost connection speed and so on. Usually, while the maintenance of servers is ongoing, players cannot log in. By looking around, you should be able to grasp the maintenance schedule of Mabinogi. 

Out-Of-Date Client 

To launch Mabinogi, you need to have an up-to-date Nexon launcher. Unable to recall the last time you updated your launcher? Then there is a good chance that the obsolescence of the launcher is responsible for Mabinogi “server cannot be reached” error.

Banned, Blocked, Or Disabled Account 

To put it plainly, if you violate Mabinogi’s terms of service, your account will be banned, blocked disabled. That means you will run into errors every time you launch the game. All accounts that have bots or unauthorized automated actions gets banned immediately. Furthermore, repeat offenders get blocked from playing the game.


Think About Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons for the  “server cannot be reached” error is that your Internet connection is not strong enough. Assuming that it’s the case, you should consider closing some of your Internet-based applications. Aside from that, it’s wise to check your connection for signs of issues. Feel free to connect your system to the router directly for a stable Internet connection. 

Give Account Status Some Thought 

Mabinogi suspends accounts if they have violated Nexon’s Terms of Service. You could see the reason for your ban through the game logs or in-game. The game records such events and the moment your account accumulates multiple violations, you would be blocked from playing. If your account has been suspended or banned, you will not be able to log in and play the game.

To get your account unsuspended, you have no choice but to contact Nexon customer support.

Update Client 

To play Mabinogi, you should ensure that your Nexon launcher is updated. Old launcher versions would lose support as new ones come out. Thus, it’s strongly recommended that you update your launcher. 


During the maintenance f servers, you can only wait. Mabinogi does not have an offline mode so you need to connect to the servers to continue playing. Server maintenance is not frequent and each period typically doesn’t last long.

Uninstall Mods

One of the reasons that stop you from reaching the servers is that you have mods. Most mods are harmless but some could mess up server connection on occasions. Therefore, if you are experiencing connection issues after installing mods, you should consider removing them.


How Can I Tell If Mabinogi Servers Are Online?

Mabinogi servers rarely go offline. If you wish to check whether these servers are active, go to It displays the status of the servers in real-time and shows whether there are inactive servers.

Can I Mod The Game?

Yes, you can mod the game. You should, however, avoid installing mods that break the game. Also, you shouldn’t install bots or hacks on the game because doing so will get you banned.

What Are Mabinogi’s Minimum System Requirements?

To run the game on your PC, you need at least 4GB DDR3 RAM, a GeForce 8600GT graphics card or later, DirectX®: Version 9.0c or later. You also need Windows 7 64 Bit or later and an Intel Core i3 1st gen chip. An Athlon A4 chip could work. T

How Can I Know If There Are Scheduled Server Updates?

To know when Mabinogi servers are scheduled for updates, go to their official page on Steam. You can also look through the official Mabinogi social media pages.

Is Mabinogi Free to Play?

Yes, it is. However, like most modern games, there are in-game microtransactions and purchases. You don’t have to pay extra if you don’t want to.

Tips And Tricks

  • Make sure you always have space in the inventory. You never know when you’ll come across good items in your adventure.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Mabinogi Market. It’s possible to find great stuff there from time to time.
  • Always be on the lookout for rare items. Rare items can be sold for a lot of money, especially if you’re the only one selling them.
  • If you’re looking for a certain item, make sure to check out the Item DB. That is a wealth of data about the nature of items as well as their locations.

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