SOLVED! Sea Of Thieves’ Achievements Not Unlocking

All in all, few things prove as frustrating as the elusion of well-deserved achievements after hours of gameplay. Nowadays, quite a few people who play Sea of Thieves find themselves in such a predicament and not many know how to get out. You notice Sea of Thieves’ achievements not unlocking and have no idea what must be done? Then his article is going to be of use to you. 

Sea of Thieves’ Achievement Won’t Unlock: Reasons 

Sea of Thieves Achievements not unlocking; "delayed," says Rare | Stevivor

Sea of Thieves features a number of issues that affect performance from time to time. Still, once it comes to Sea of Thieves’ achievements not unlocking, you should consider these possibilities: 

  • Issues with the connection to Xbox Live 
  • Obsolescence 
  • Out-of-sync consoles 

How To Unlock The Achievements

Different errors have different solutions but regarding Sea of Thieves’ achievements not unlocking, it’s wise to try out the following fixes.


The obsolescence of software and firmware of Xbox consoles always causes problems. You know that with every update, features of your consoles would be refined and some of the bugs would go away. Thus, if you have a hard time unlocking achievements in Sea of Thieves after fulfilling all conditions, update your console. 

  • Step 1- Go to the Xbox console’s settings.
  • Step 2- Click on the software update option
  • Step 3- Check whether any new update is available.
  • Step 4- If an update is available, click continue and initiate the update. If there isn’t any update available, move on to the next solution. 

Checking The Xbox Live Connection

Sea of Thieves requires a stable Internet connection to validate your progress and unlock the achievements. That means if the connection is unstable, you wouldn’t be able to unlock the new achievements. 


Sea of Thieves Achievements unlocking now | Stevivor

In the beginning, you should make sure that the Xbox Live service is up and running as you play Sea of Thieves. Additionally, once you complete the condition for achievements, you need to wait between 24 and 72 hours for the achievements to unlock. The reason is simple: some of the achievements don’t unlock instantly.

Inspect Xbox Account 

You need to make sure that all the details of your Xbox account stay up to date. Otherwise, you could come across issues such as achievements not unlocking. 

  • Step 1- Click on the Xbox button
  • Step 2- Click on your profile section and your gamer pic.
  • Step 3- Take a look at everything and apply changes if necessary. Save the changes in your Bio.
  • Step 5- Restart your console 

As the console comes back on, go to your profile’s achievement section and see if you have the achievements yet. 

Take Data Sync Into Account 

  • Step 1- Restart your modem.
  • Step 2 -Hold down the Xbox button then go to settings>select Restart.
  • Step 3- The moment the console is back on, press the Xbox button and go to the achievement section.

Reinstalling The Game

Sometimes. when you install a game, files get misplaced or didn’t install properly. If you experience issues that impair your gaming experience in Sea of Thieves, you can reinstall the game. After you finish re-installing, log in to the game, check the achievements and see how things turn out. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Clear the cache from time to time.
  • Pay attention to the conditions while unlocking achievements.
  • Keep your console and its games up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many achievements are there in Sea of Thieves?

There are around 197 achievements in the Sea of Thieves game which is worth 3,635 game scores. The base version of the game contains 60 achievements while special editions and DLC packs contain 137 achievements. If you want to unlock all the achievements in the game, prepare to spend at least 200 hours on this game.  

What is the rarest achievement in Sea of Thieves?

The rarest achievement in Sea of Thieves is from the Legend of Glitterboard storyline. That achievement is a tribute to the memory of James White, a data analyst of the game.

How do I check my achievements in Sea of Thieves?

Launch the game and log in with your Steam account. Next, go to your player profile and select Achievement Showcase. By doing so, you should be able to see all the achievements that you have including those from Sea of Thieves.

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