[Solved] Session “Circular Kernel Context Logger” Stopped Due To The Following Error- 0xc0000188: Breakdown

Are you receiving a pop-up message- Session “circular kernel context logger” stopped due to the following error- 0xc0000188 while using a computer? If yes, this post can help you fix this problem. This problem is troubling users to use their computer even for a short period of time. This causes inconsistent grey displays. When checking Event Viewer, it showcases the error message. Therefore, to fix this error, read the post. 

The Impact Of Session “Circular Kernel Context Logger” Stopped Due To The Following Error- 0xc0000188 On Users 

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Most windows 7 users experience lots of trouble and weird behaviour that causes unnecessary issues to the users. Sometimes its screen turns blue into grey, while sometimes, it causes annoying sounds that anyone can’t handle. While investigating the error, we found it an Event viewer error, a very common error that can be resolved easily with the following methods. However, before jumping on the error, make sure to find the cause to check the suitable fixes. 

What Causes Session “circular kernel context logger” to stop due to the following error- 0xc0000188?  

If Session “circular kernel context logger” stopped due to the following error- 0xc0000188 shows on your windows, then the following are the reasons. 

  • If SuperFetch service is disabled
  • If the size of startup event trace sessions is small
  • If DISM is an issue
  • Virus/bugs

This causes the windows to turn the Windows display into a grey colour. So check with the following methods and fix the error. 

How Do I Fix Session “circular kernel context logger” stopped due to the following error- 0xc0000188? 

We have investigated the following methods that can fix this error easily. 

Method 1- Enable the SuperFetch Services 

If you are getting an error of “Session “circular kernel context logger” stopped due to the following error- 0xc0000188″, check SuperFetch is enabled. You don’t need to look further; instead, SuperFetch. If these services are disabled, enable them with the following step-by-step guide. 

  • Step 1– Start your computer and press Windows + R keys to activate the run command
  • Step 2– Here, in this box, enter the services.MSC and then tap on the ok button. You will land to the service windows.
  • Step 3– Find the SuperFetch services, right-click on the option, and choose properties. 
  • Step 4– Locate the startup type and set it into automatic
  • Step 5– Click on the okay button.
  • Step 6– Then tap on the start button to start the service
  • Step 7– Next, click on the apply button and then OKAY
  • Step 8– Go to exit the program and reboot your computer.

When this service is completed, you will easily resolve the error message. However, if the problem persists, simply move to the next button.

Method 2- RUN DISM To Resolve The Issue

Yet another issue is DSIM that can cause an error. So, to fix this, check the DISM command via command prompt and follow the given process. 

  • Step 1- Start your PC and tap in the windows icon to open the start. 
  • Step 2- You have to enter CMD and right-click the CMD. 
  • Step 3- Choose the Run Administrator by pressing Windows +R 
  • Step 4– In the Command Prompt Window, enter the DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/scan health and tap on the enter key.
  • Step 5– Then type DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth and press enter key.
  • Step 6- Exit the command prompt and reboot the PC.

 Once you have successfully completed the rebooted system, the issue will resolve immediately. If not, then fix the issue with ease. 

Method 3- Run Your PC in Safe Boot Mode 

Running on the clean/safe boot helps you resolve the Session “circular kernel context logger” stopped due to the following error- 0xc0000188. So to check this culprit, you will need to resolve this error in the following ways. 

  • Step 1- Launch the Run Command by pressing Windows + R.
  • Step 2- In the Run box, you will need to enter MSConfig and press the OK button.
  • Step 3- This will take you to the system configurations window.
  • Step 4- Now, search the services section and hide all Microsoft services.
  • Step 5- Then locate the services option and disable all.
  • Step 6- Move to the Startup section and open the task manager
  • Step 7- Now disable all Startup items under the Startup tab.
  • Step 8- Tap on the OK button and finish the whole process.
  • Step 9- Exit the command and reboot your PC.

Hopefully, your error may be resolved now. In case if not, then your case might vary. Therefore, move to the next and final method. 

Method 4- Boost Startup Event Trace Sessions File Size

If none of the above methods worked for you, check the file size of event trace sessions. If that is your case, then fix this by following the step-by-step guide. 

  • Step 1– Launch the start menu
  • Step 2– Navigate the CMD
  • Step 3- Right-click on the CMD, run the administrator and launch the elevated instance. 
  • Step 4- Now, type the elevated command prompt and press the ok button.
  • Step 5- The performance monitor will show on your screen. So in the left panel, you should check the performance monitor and then double-click on data collector sets to increase it.
  • Step 6- Then click on the Startup event trace sessions, located under the data collector sets.
  • Step 7- Now, right-click on the performance monitor, find the ReadyBoost option, and double-click on it.
  • Step 8- Then jump on the stop condition tab and maximize the size field up to 40. 
  • Step 9- Tap on the apply button and close the performance monitor. 
  • Step 10- Restart your computer and resolve the whole errors.

Now check if the issue is resolved as your computer boots up, and you will be resolved with Session “circular kernel context logger” stopped due to the following error- 0xc0000188. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What does 0xc0000188 mean?

It is a windows error, which occurs mainly in Windows 7/8/19. It is affected with Windows Event Viewer.

2/ Where can you find SuperFetch?

To find out type search.MSc in the run command.

Tips And Tricks

  • Reboot your computer after every method you apply.
  • Check its Setup.exe file.

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