SOLVED! Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked Error: A Summary

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked is one of the most trending errors recorded in history. Thus, numerous users are searching for easy solutions that can fix it, and they enjoy the Warfare campaign. However, many people consider it a simple or obvious error due to poor internet, but actually, it is an installation error. Now, if you are feeling bad, then don’t worry since you can recover by downloading it again. So, read this blog and know how to resolve this issue. 

What Impacts If Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked on Users?

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Those who find “Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked” may think that it is a bug error, but the issue is only about improper installation. So, if you are one who is tired off by refreshing the computer, call of duty, and changing antivirus protection, then hold on. This error is not related to a virus attack. However, many users have reported customer support for help, and they are likely in the queue to get their answers. Now, it’s time to cool down your frustration and find the actual way to download the warfare campaign correctly. 

What Causes Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked? 

As we said earlier, it is an installation error. For most players, it was a bug or might be a poor internet issue. However, the basic reasons can be poor installation, less space on the hard drive, and not installing add-ons. Besides, general errors might cause an issue for a few minutes, like poor internet connection. 

Whatever your cause of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked, we will solve here and unlock your WARFARE. Let’s dive!

How To Unlock Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked Issue?

The Spoils of Modern Warfare's Campaign

By reading out several causes of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Locked, we have investigated its fixes and found the true way to get it installed properly. Moreover, we have discussed the other threats. 

Method 1- Make Sure To Download The Game Properly

With the following guide, you can know how to download Warfare properly on PC, Xbox, PS4, and more. So, let’s know!

Note- Before beginning with a new game installation, make sure to check the updates whom you’re going to install, like PS4 or PC. If there are updates pending, clear them first and move to installation. 

Download Modern Warfare on PS5

Remember, the package is roughly 47 GB, so ensure you have enough space. 

  • Step 1- On the home screen, click on the games section and choose a game library.
  • Step 2- Find your collection and choose Warfare.
  • Step 3- Click on the download button and ensure all downloads run in the queue. 
  • Step 4- Wait for minutes and complete the setup process.

Download Modern Warfare on PS4

  • Step 1- Launch the home screen and navigate to the games library.
  • Step 2- Go to the Purchase folder and choose Warfare.
  • Step 3- Click on the download option and ensure the separate download of all files. 
  • Step 4- Once the installation is completed, follow on-screen details to complete the process.

Download Modern Warfare On Xbox

  • Step 1- Navigate the games & apps and choose to See all. 
  • Step 2- Choose Full Library and then all owned games.
  • Step 3- Select call of duty- Warfare and click on the install button.

Step 4- Follow the on-screen details for a complete setup.

Download Modern Warfare on PC

  • Step 1- Start the app and log in. 
  • Step 2- Choose call of duty warfare.
  • Step 3- Tap on the install button.
  • Step 4- Ensure all downloads are on separate options and in the queue.
  • Step 5- Wait for minutes to complete the setup.

If the above-given steps won’t work and you are still facing the issue, then you are lacking in space, or there are other issues. So read on method 2.

Method 2- Make Enough Hard Drive Space

When you have installed the call of duty Warfare on Xbox or PC and still locked, then you are running out of hard drive space. Check your hard drive and see whether there is a space for Warfare. If you do not know how to do it, read on tips. 

  • Declutter the unnecessary apps, files, and programs
  • Clean your desktop
  • Check monster files and remove them
  • Try disk clean-up tool
  • Remove temporary files
  • Save data on cloud

Here’s how you can declutter the hard drive space.

  • Step 1- Launch the start button from the desktop
  • Step 2- Choose apps
  • Step 3- Next select apps and features
  • Step 4- Check apps you want to remove
  • Step 5- Right-click on the app you want to uninstall

Method 3- Install The Call Of Duty Warfare Add-Ons

When you install call of duty warfare, you will be asked to install its two add-ons campaigns. While that terminology might depend upon DLC content, which is necessary to play. Thus, if you have ignored its installation previously, you locked the campaign.

Therefore, you need to install these add-ons to unlock the campaign. If you think you have installed the add-ons, then check their current status.

  • Step 1- Launch the Xbox console menu, navigate the controller, and press the start button. 
  • Step 2- Jump to manage the game content menu.
  • Step 3- Find the campaigns 1&2 add-ons list.
  • Step 4- If you see the file size is listed, then add-ons are installed. 
  • Step 5- If it says nor installed, then press the download button and start the installation process. 
  • Step 6- If your system has space, it won’t notify you and install it properly.

When every step is completed, you will unlock the “Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

1\ What would you get on unlocking Warfare?

Fog of war, proxy war, highway party, the embassy, Piccadilly, and many more.

2\ Why can’t I play modern Warfare offline?

To activate the offline game, you will need to install it without connecting to the internet. You can take assistance from Xbox support. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Restart your system after completing the installation steps.
  • Check essential windows updates, Xbox, or more.
  • Get customer support

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