SOLVED! There Was An Error When Attempting To Connect To The Windows Live Calendar Service

Sometimes, “there was an error when attempting to connect to the windows live calendar service” message is displayed on your screen whenever a trial has been made to use the windows live calendar service. Usually, if this error doesn’t go away itself, you must check if there is an upgrade available for the Windows Live Mail, or you could contact a service representative. This article will see how to correct these situations and possible and fixable solutions to correct this problem.

The Impact On The Computer If There Was An Error When Attempting To Connect To The Windows Live Calendar Service

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This is an error that several users have encountered, and there are many causes possible. This article aims to identify these problems and give possible solutions for them. The most common problem is the mail, contact websites, and calendar for the Microsoft Account must be upgraded to its latest level. 

Why Was There An Error When Attempting To Connect To The Windows Live Calendar Service?

The main cause can be that the mail, calendar, and contact websites have not been upgraded for your Microsoft account. Other causes could be a problem in the network connection, temporary issues such as not being able to sign in to the specific Microsoft Account, or several problems with the server itself. However, it does not hamper your original work but may serve as a hindrance to your laptop.

The error is displayed only if the user is signed in the Windows Live Mail. Otherwise, you will not see any errors. 


How To Fix There Was An Error When Attempting To Connect To The Windows Live Calendar Service

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We have investigated the following solutions to fix the problem. Read below:

Method 1- If the error is displayed because of a server upgrade. 

  • Step 1: When you view the calendar, click on the button located on the right-most of the screen and choose the “view account Information”.
  • Step 2: Now, sign in to the Microsoft Account; a Hello! a dialogue box opens up.
  • Step 3:Now click on the “view inbox” in the left-side column.
  • Step 4: The Outlook Webmail dialogue box will now display on your screen. Now, on the top left-hand side, a banner would be displayed if you wish to change its colour, select Settings and Change theme. The text on the banner will depend on the language that you set for the banner. It may be of various types according to the language and its region as well.
  • Step 5: If you see a banner like this, which means that the account has been upgraded and the calendar, as well as the contacts, are not synced with it. If you have set the account the same as the mail account of Windows Live Mail, it will not sync with it also as the DeltaSync Protocol is not supported by Outlook Mail.
  • Step 6: However, if you don’t see a banner like this, you must be going through a different issue, and you will have to show your system to a professional to understand better. 

Method 2- Upgrade The Windows Live Mail

The main remedy is to update the Windows Live Mail to synchronize the calendar. However, if you cannot do that, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Ignore the message: if you do not face any hindrance because of the message, ignore this message by removing the message from the screen.
  • Step 2: Don’t Sign in: if you don’t wish to sign in, click on the Accounts option on the Home button and select “sign out of Windows Live Mail”.
  • Step 3: You will be able to prevent the calendar from loading, and the default calendar will be displayed now. You can still see the accounting calendar, as well as the error message, will stop displaying.
  • Step 4:If the user does not sign in to the account, the contact list stays by default. The account list could be copied from the default list if you face a problem here.
  • Step 5: You can even turn the notifications off if you don’t wish to see the message again and again. Go to the Settings option, click on turn notifications on/ off, or select the “get notifications” option.

What Not To Do There Was An Error When Attempting To Connect To The Windows Live Calendar Service?

  • Do not remove or re-add any kind of mail account since there are no accounts with the Windows Live Calendar Service.
  • You should not have to reinstall or uninstall the windows live mail.
  • Go through any repairing of the Windows as the programs files have nothing to do with the Windows Live Calendar Service.
  • Even if you use a third-party user, you will still get this error message.

Frequently Asked Questions

1\ How to fix a corrupted Windows Live Mail Calendar Services?

Since your calendar has corrupt data, your Windows Live Mail is forced to close. Therefore, go to the Control panel and select the program option. Now click on Uninstall/Change. Now select Repair all Windows Live Programs. Now restart your computer to refresh new settings

2\ What is the Windows Live Calendar Service?

It is a time-management application of the web presented by Microsoft as part of the Windows Live Service.

3\ How to turn off the Windows Live Calendar?

Login to your account and click on the Settings option. Now click on options, select the Turn notifications on/off, and uncheck the Get notifications. Now click save.

Tips And Tricks

  • Do not reinstall and uninstall to correct the Windows Live Calendar Service, as the problem might persist.
  • If you can, you should ignore this message as it does not affect your work. You can simply close the dialogue box if you don’t wish to see the message.
  • You can even turn the notifications by going into the settings menu and un-checking the Get notifications button. You will not be notified about this error or message or anything about the Windows Live Calendar Service.

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