SOLVED! “We’re Sorry But Excel Has Run Into An Error That Is Preventing It From Working Correctly”: An Analysis

Are you facing the “We’re sorry but Excel has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly” error while accessing MS Excel? Read on this post and find the solved fixes to get back on your work. This error message usually occurs when the Excel workbook is not working or has issues like malware attacks or viruses. Follow the given guide and fix the issues without the help of an expert.

What Are The Causes Of “We’re Sorry But Excel Has Run Into An Error That Is Preventing It From Working Correctly” Error?

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We have gone through in-depth research and found the major issue associated with this error message. This occurs mostly after Microsoft Office applications upgrade in compatibility mode. With the update, most MS office applications such as word, excel, outlook, etc., configure their settings and work under compatibility mode. This is not an issue for previous users, but it has become annoying for new ones. Thus, to solve this error message, follow the given methods. 

How To Fix The “We’re Sorry But Excel Has Run Into An Error That Is Preventing It From Working Correctly” Error Message?

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Let us lookout for 100% tested, safe, and working methods to fix the excel error. 

Method 1- Run MS Excel In Safe Mode

Running MS excel in safe mode can help you rescue the problem. Also, this will help you check the settings and incompatibility of the issue. Here’s how you can do this. 

  • Step 1– Use run command by pressing windows key + R 
  • Step 2– Enter Excel/safe then tap on OK button.
  • Step 3- Search the file >> options >> Add-ins.
  • Step 4- Next, tap on GO Button to see the Available add-ins.
  • Step 5- Now uncheck the boxes and disable add-ins.

Now, see the error is fixed. If not, then don’t worry; jump on Method 2. 

Method 2- Disable Compatibility Mode

To fix “We’re sorry but excel has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly” error, you need to disable the compatibility mode that is running behind due to upgrade MS office. Here’s how to disable it.

Step 1-Launch the excel properties by right-clicking with the mouse and clicking on excel properties. Then, you will find the file location as follows:

  • C:\Program Files \ Microsoft office\Office15\Excel.exe
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft office\15\Root\office 15\ Excel.exe

Step 2- Now tap on the compatibility mode and uncheck all the boxes. 

Step 3– Click on the OK button and save the changes. 

Now check the MS excel again and see the error is fixed. 

Method 3- Repair Microsoft Office Installation

If the previous method didn’t work, go for repair MS office installation. Here’s how you can do this. 

  • Step 1- Launch the control panel on the desktop and tap on uninstall the program.
  • Step 2- Here, choose MS-office, then tap on change.
  • Step 3- Find the Repair option from the list and repair the MS Office installation.

In case if these don’t fix the issues, you can move to another method. 

Method 4- Fix Windows Task Scheduler Program

If the issuewe’re sorry but excel has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly” persists, then you need to fix the windows task Scheduler. However, this issue occurs on PC Protected with malware protection engine (1.1.15700.X version). And it has been used by the following Microsoft products.

  • Microsoft system center endpoint protection 2012
  • Microsoft forefront endpoint protection 2007
  • Windows Defender antivirus
  • Microsoft security essentials

Thus, to fix all the issues, you will need to update the threat file to the particular version ( or more. Once the installation is complete, restart your PC and see the resolved error. 

Method 5- Fix Corrupted MS-Excel

If the error is not resolved yet, then fixing excel corrupt file can help. To do this, you will need to install the Excel repair tool. This helps you easily to fix the threats and errors. 

Moreover, this repairing tool works effectively and resolves the error soon. While using this tool will also get back your lost files and workbooks. Also, it won’t give any changes to your previous files. 

Once the file repair is completed, you will need to save that file in a new name with the new location. Now check the error “We’re sorry but excel has run into an error preventing it from working correctly” is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1/ What is stellar Repair for excel?

Stellar Repair is one of the best ways to fix the excel errors repairing the corrupted excel. 

2/ How to repair corrupted Excel for free?

If you don’t want to install the app, the following steps may help. 

  • Start file menu and click on open.
  • Choose the folder or location where excel contains corrupted files.
  • Tap on the arrow next to the open option and choose open and repair.
  • Recover the files by taping Repair. 

3/ How to know excel is corrupted?

Fails to respond and take load time are the signs excel is corrupted and needs Repair.

Tips And Tricks 

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  • Save your entire excel data before performing Repair 
  • Use Stellar excel repair tool for fast results
  • Save your data into new excel with the new location
  • Upgrade your excel from the trustworthy party
  • Shut down your PC for a few hours to enjoy the smooth workflow after Repair

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