SOLVED! Why Is My Caps Lock Reversed

Regardless of what you do, you likely have to enable/disable Caps Lock several times whenever you use your computer. By taking advantage of Caps Lock, you could capitalize all letters as you type. However, it’s worth pointing out that certain errors could prevent Caps Lock from working as intended. One prime example is the Caps Lock reversed error which gives rise to multiple discussions with the same topic: why is my Caps Lock reversed?     

Why Is My Caps Lock Reversed?

There are various reasons why your Caps Lock may be reversed on your keyboard. From something as simple as a Shift key being stuck to complex software glitches, many things can mess up the performance of Caps Lock.

Returning Caps Lock To Normal: Recommendations

Determine Whether The Shift Key Is Stuck

First things first: check if the Shift key on your keyboard is stuck by any chance. For your information, if you keep the Shift key depressed then press the Caps Lock key, the functionality of the latter would reverse. Usually, if the Shift key is stuck, you can see it with your eyes but it may be impossible to tell on occasions. Also, if you use a laptop, the keys are more level with the device and that makes it much more difficult to spot stuck keys. 

If you’re using a normal keyboard, remove the Shift keys then clean the area around it to get rid of dust particles. Particles tend to accumulate between the keys which is why the build-up of dust is the number one cause for stuck keys. With a laptop keyboard, you’ll have to be more cautious as removing the key might not be a viable option. If you believe that there is no way to remove the Shift key completely, slip something tiny, such as a needle, under it and start wiggling.

Unplug And Replug The Keyboard 

If your keyboard disconnects from your computer for some reason then reconnects, the operation of its keys could experience hiccups. For external keyboards, it’s a good idea to try unplugging and replugging them to deal with hiccups. You are using a laptop? Then there is a procedure that you could do: open up your laptop, disconnect the keyboard cord and reconnect it

Note: If you lack confidence in your skills and abilities, don’t do anything. Call in the pros and let them take care of the rest. 


Make Use Of Keyboard Troubleshooter

Many people don’t know about Keyboard Troubleshooter but it’s one of the best solutions for keyboard issues. If the performance of the Caps Lock key suffers from software malfunctions, the built-in Keyboard Troubleshooter might help.

To launch Keyboard Troubleshooter in your system, you only need to type “troubleshoot” into the search box on your Windows taskbar and select the top result. Next, choose Additional troubleshooters to open a new window. Proceed to look for Keyboard Troubleshooter in the list and run it. Assuming that Keyboard Troubleshooter is able to discover the problem, it will try to resolve this issue but it may take some time so be patient. 

Update The Driver

When your keyboard acts up out of the blue, it’s possible that the keyboard driver is the culprit. Because of that, if the “why is my Caps Lock reversed?” question is bothering you, you should update the driver. 

In the beginning, right-click the Windows start button then pick Device Manager from the menu. Afterward, a new window with a list of all the components installed on your computer will open. You just have to expand the list to locate your Keyboard, right-click it and choose Properties. In the next step, choose the Update driver from the drop-down menu.

Consequently, select “Browse my computer for drivers” in the new dialogue box and pick “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.” Select the Keyboard option once more and click Next. It shouldn’t take long for the update to complete but you may need to restart your computer for it to take full effect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Come My Keyboard Keys Keep Jamming While Typing?

Jamming is a telltale sign that your keyboard could use a proper cleaning. 

At a glance, cleaning the keyboard seems to be a simple task and plenty of people resort to compressed air to blow away everything. Still, compressed air is not always the answer as it can push particles deep into the keyboard and complicate the cleaning. Instead, you should use a vacuum with a brush attachment to take care of the dirt. 

Keep in mind that if you experience a big jamming problem, in-depth cleaning is your best bet. That sounds kind of tedious but a good wipe-down can work wonders on dirty keyboards.

Why Is My Keyboard Unresponsive?

If the keyboard is operating smoothly then it stops working, it might be a power or software issue. 

To solve this issue, begin with the fundamentals. If you’re using a wired keyboard, make sure your connection to the computer is secure. Next, unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. However, if you are using a wireless keyboard, check out its batteries. Depending on the situation, you have to recharge/replace the batteries before the keyboard could resume operation.

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