SOLVED! “Your Imap Server Wants To Alert You To The Following: Cannot Rename System Folders”: A Study

Are you a Microsoft Outlook 365 user? Are you encountering the “Your Imap Server Wants to Alert You to the Following: Cannot Rename System Folders” error message? It is an IMAP error that causes trouble accessing messages in the mailbox. The users have an issue after the recent updates of Microsoft outlook that pushes users to move on to alternative or constant searches on the internet for solutions. This article will help you find easy methods to fix this error. So, read on. 

The Impact Of “Your Imap Server Wants To Alert You To The Following: Cannot Rename System Folders” Error On Users

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The issue “Your Imap Server Wants To Alert You To The Following: Cannot Rename System Folders” has had a major impact on the user’s experience. This inhibits the ability of users to receive and send their important emails to clients. In a nutshell, users are getting trouble in their work and unable to sync with their team. So, if you need an immediate fix, read this post until the end. 

What Causes Behind “Your Imap Server Wants To Alert You To The Following: Cannot Rename System Folders” Error?

Before jumping on the solutions, it is necessary to identify the causes of the “Your Imap Server Wants To Alert You To The Following: Cannot Rename System Folders” error message. So, with our investigation, we found the issue is mainly caused after installing the updates of Microsoft. If you haven’t updated it yet, you might not encounter this. So, it is best to avoid the updates as long as possible. However, if you have updated, then uninstall the updates. Now, let us move and check its fixes. 

How To FixYour Imap Server Wants To Alert You To The Following: Cannot Rename System Folders” Error? 

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Here, we share a few fixes that can resolve the error faster. 

Method 1- Uninstall The Updates

If you encounter the error after the updates (KB2837618 or KB2837643), you must resolve it by uninstalling the updates. Here’s how you can do this. 


  • Step 1- Launch the start menu and search the control panel.
  • Step 2- Choose programs and features option
  • Step 3- Tap on view installed updates
  • Step 4- Find KB2837618 or KB2837643 updates and uninstall/remove them.

Method 2- Disable “Show Only Subscribed Folders Option In Outlook.”

It has been reported that some people have encountered the issue due to settings. To solve the error, check the following steps.

  • Step 1-Launch Microsoft outlook and tap right-click on the file menu. 
  • Step 2-Click on your account name and then IMAP folders. 
  • Step 3-This will open IMAP folders, and you see checkboxes that display the “show only subscribed folders option.”
  • Step 4- Uncheck the show-only subscribed folders option.
  • Step 5- Now check everything is fixed up and synchronized.

Method 3- Change The Root Folder Path

As per the experts, the root file may cause the issue. So, here’s how you can do this. 

However, before jumping to this method, make sure to do it properly. To avoid loss of files, one should create a backup of files and transfer them into the other location safely. Replacing the root folder may cause loss of files and emails.

  • Step 1- Open the change account option >> click more settings >> Advanced Tab
  • Step 2- Tap on File and click on account settings. 
  • Step 3- Then jump to change more settings and advance.
  • Step 4- Next, in the folders option, you should look for the Root folder path and enter INBOX. 
  • Step 5- Now, save all the settings and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

In case if the issue persists, then move to the next method. 

Method 4- Reset Microsoft Outlook Using Reset folders

If the above methods won’t work for you, resetting Microsoft Outlook can help you. Please note, it will take a few minutes to reset things. Here’s how to do this.

  • Step 1- First, close the Microsoft outlook and use the run command 
  • Step 2- For the run command, press Windows + R via keyboard and type outlook.exe/reset folders. 
  • Step 3- Run this command and wait for a few seconds.
  • Step 4- This will restart your outlook and recreate all the missing folders. 

In case it doesn’t work, follow this.

Start exporting all files into folders and close outlook. Then delete the whole data. It is like creating a backup and syncing outlook again. 

Method 5- Synchronize Your Mailbox

Below are the steps that can help you sync outlook again.

  • Step 1- Search the control panel 
  • Step 2- Search profiles and tap on Add
  • Step 3- Type the name of the file you want to add and click on the OK button—for instance,
  • Step 4- Now, check your mail provider and credentials you want to access while working online. If you’re unsure about the mail provider password, then reset it. 
  • Step 5- Open the outlook and choose the new profile
  • Step 6- Start the file tab and choose to add an account option
  • Step 7– choose the email and start it by entering a password
  • Step 8- Once done, you will see the congratulations message on your screen and tap finish. 
  • Step 9- Then restart your computer and launch outlook.
  • Step 10- You will need to wait for a few minutes since it takes time to synchronize your mail with outlook. Also, sync depends on the internet speed as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What is IMAP Server?

The IMAP server is a crucial factor in accessing your email id whenever and wherever you want. 

2/ How to check the IMAP server in outlook?

To locate IMAP files start with outlook >> File >> Account settings. Below the settings, you will find the IMAP server.

3/ How does IMAP work?

IMAP allows saving and accessing email storage of emails on the mail server.

Tips And Tricks

  • Check the updates 
  • Reinstall outlook 
  • Reboot your computer if issues are not resolved
  • Ask for expert help or customer support

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